FIAT Draw: Congratulations to ticket holderĀ #108079

For anyone who entered the draw for a convertible Fiat for a weekend at the London Breast Show, the winning ticket #108079 is the winning ticket. Please call 519-667-0666 for info to claim your prize! Congratulations!


Breast Cancer IS Preventable!

Come and find out how at the 11th annual Breast Show in Town! A venue to educate, empower, and support you on your journey to wellness and informed decisions.

Explore your integrative options, connect with the experts, experience the body, mind, and spirit practitioners. Learn the current trending in preventative products and services and much more. Get your questions answered!

Meet the Team

BSIT group photo

Pat Kennedy, Stefan Dabrowski, Stephaine Cameron, Brenda Pearce, Alichia Cooper, Donna McGill, and Kyle Tozer.